Latest Sermons

Pray in this Place

June 4, 2023 Matthew Crowe

Jeremiah 29:1-7, Jonah 2:1-10

Go to this Place

May 28, 2023 Matthew Crowe

Isaiah 42:1-9, Jonah 1:1-7

Self-Sacrifice over Self-Preservation

May 21, 2023 Matthew Crowe

Isaiah 50:4-10, Mark 8:27-38

Prayer Over Planning

May 14, 2023 Matthew Crowe

Acts 17:16,22-31, 1 Samuel 1:9-11, 24-28 

Faith Over Fear

May 7, 2023 Matthew Crowe

Psalm 27:1-9, Numbers 13:25-33

Matthew 14:23-33

People Over Tradition

April 30, 2023 Matthew Crowe

Mark 2:23-3:6

Missionaries Over Consumers

April 23, 2023 Matthew Crowe

Isaiah 6:1-8, John 17:11-19

The Mission of the Holy Spirit

April 16, 2023 Matthew Crowe

John 16: 4-15

He Got Up

April 9, 2023 Matthew Crowe

Isaiah 25:6-9; Romans 6:1-11;

1 Corinthians 15:1-11

Worship with us this Sunday at 10 AM.

Bible classes begin at 9:00

If Rocks Could Talk

April 2, 2023 Matthew Crowe

Psalm 118:1-2,19-29; Philippians 2:1-11; Luke 19:28-40

Worship with us each Sunday at 10 AM.

Bible classes begin at 9:00.

God Goes to Godforsaken Places

March 26, 2023 Matthew Crowe

Worship with us each Sunday at 10 AM. Bible classes begin at 9:00Scripture Reading :

Psalm 18:1-9, Ezekial 37:-14, Luke 2:1-20

Wisdom for the Mission

March 19, 2023 Matthew Crowe

Psalm 91:9-16, Hebrews 5:1-10, Job 28:12-28

Worship with us Sundays at 10AM.

It’s Ok to Not Be Ok

March 12, 2023 Matthew Crowe

Lamentations 3:19-26

Humility and Unity

March 5, 2023 Justin Hammett, Braden Branning

John 4:3-10

Ephesians 4:1-6

God Will Do Something New

February 26, 2023 Matthew Crowe

Isaiah 43:16-21

God Dreams Bigger

February 19, 2023 Matthew Crowe

2 Samuel 7:1-16

A Risk Worth Taking

February 12, 2023 Matthew Crowe

Matthew’s series on Becoming a Church on God’s Mission continues with a lesson on A Risk Worth Taking. Worship with us, Sundays at 10 AM.

 Numbers 13:25-33; 14:1-10; 20-25

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God’s People for God’s Mission

February 5, 2023 Matthew Crowe

God’s people were never meant to be insulated from the world around them. They are called to be separate because they are called to go out on God’s mission. Sinai was more than the giving of the Law. It was the continuation of God’s mission to the nations, a mission that the Church continues today. Worship with us each Sunday at 10 AM.

Exodus 19:2-8, 24:7-11

Light A Fire Under This Church

January 29, 2023 Matthew Crowe

What is the nature of the God who calls us? He is strange. He is powerful. And when we pause our hurried lives, we will see that the bush in Exodus is still burning, and that will “light a fire under this church.”

Exodus 3:1-15

The Story of Our Church

January 22, 2023 Matthew Crowe

Church at a Crossroad

January 15, 2023 Matthew Crowe

Matthew will continue his theme on Becoming a Church on God’s Mission. This week’s topic is Church at a Crossroad.   Genesis 12:1-9

God Begins His Mission

January 8, 2023 Matthew Crowe

Genesis 1:1-5

A Church on the Move

January 1, 2023 Matthew Crowe

Monuments honor the past and remind us of our best moments. But they have a problem: monuments don’t move. God commands His Church to move so we must decide: are we going to be a monument or a movement? Matthew 28:18-20

Start the new year worshipping God

Finding Jesus Before Jesus Finds You

December 25, 2022 Matthew Crowe

Matthew 2:1-12

Holly Jolly Judgment

December 18, 2022 Matthew Crowe

Luke 1:26-38

Where the Wild Things are

December 11, 2022 Matthew Crowe

We don’t just learn from our failures. God is wise enough, righteous enough, and strong enough to bring something new from our failures. Through Christ, he brings peace “Where the Wild Things Are.”  Isaiah 11:1-10

All I Want for Christmas

December 4, 2022 Matthew Crowe

Have you made your Christmas wish list? If you made a Christmas wish list to God, what would you include? The good news is that God has given us a wish list that is better than anything we could ask for. And He has already delivered the gifts. Isaiah 9:2-7

What Do You Think About Jesus

November 27, 2022 Matthew Crowe

There are lots of important questions to ask. What’s going to happen with the economy? What will our futures look like? But as we close our year’s theme of “Just Jesus,” let’s ask ourselves the most important question of all, “What Do You Think About Jesus?” Worship with us Sunday at 10 AM. Matthew 22: 41-46

Looking for Jesus

November 20, 2022 Marty Brownfield

Hebrews 12:1-3

Plant Sequioas

November 13, 2022 Matthew Crowe

In this age of expecting quick results and instant gratification, we are tempted to take shortcuts in discipleship. But making disciples is not a program we can initiate; it is a process we must imitate. Real disciples don’t grow like Chia pets, they grow like sequoias. Luke 1:39-45

Areawide Devo

November 13, 2022 Braden B. and Justin H.

“Get Out of the Boat” and “Jesus Dealt with It Too”

Speaking in Tongues

November 6, 2022 Matthew Crowe and Adalberto Gutierrez

God led the early disciples to speak in tongues and then the Church was born on Pentecost. Does speaking in tongues still happen today? It should but perhaps not how we expect. Join us Sunday, Nov. 6 at 10 AM as we consider the Church today, “Speaking in Tongues,” part of Hispanic Missions Day. Scripture Reading: Acts 2:1-11

Encountering Jesus

October 30, 2022 Jeremy Pierce, Chair of Biblical Studies at Crowley’s Ridge College.

Matthew 27

When the Tables Turn

October 23, 2022 Matthew Crowe

Luke 16:19-31

You Can Take It With You

October 16, 2022 Matthew Crow
They say, “You can’t take it with you.” In one of His strangest parables, Jesus tells us otherwise. We can’t bring money into Heaven but we can use it to affect God bringing us there! Join us Sunday as we learn, “You CAN Take It With You.”
Scripture Reading : Luke 16:1-13

Grumbling About Grace

October 9, 2022 Matthew Crowe

Luke 15:25 – 32

Celebrate Recovery

October 2, 2022 Matthew Crowe

For a sinner to repent is not shameful. It is a time for celebration. Jesus gives us two parables that turn our grumbling into rejoicing. Like a shepherd with a lost sheep and a woman with a lost coin, God not only pursues us relentlessly but He celebrates finding us ridiculously. Luke 15:1 – 10

Disturbing The Peace

September 25, 2022 Matthew Crowe
Jesus brings peace, right? That’s what the angels announced at His birth, but on His way to the Cross Jesus said He brings division. Join us Sunday, Sept. 25 at 10 AM as we see Jesus “Disturbing the Peace.”
Scripture Reading : Luke 12:49-56

Fear Not Little Flock

September 18, 2022 Matthew Crowe

With threats of a food shortage and recession, it feels like we have a lot to worry about. We are living in anxious and fearful times. Yet Jesus tells us, “Fear not.” As bad as the times are, the Father is good. But the real good news is that He “is pleased to give us the kingdom.” Join us Sunday as we open the Scriptures and hear Jesus say, “Fear Not, Little Flock.”  

Better Meal

September 4, 2022 Matthew Crowe

 Feasting on God’s Word

Luke 10:38-42

Non-Negotiable Mission

August 28 Matthew Crowe
Everything is negotiable, or so they say. A negotiation-minded lawyer went up against a mission-minded Jesus. He discovered otherwise. When it comes to the mission of Christ, nothing is negotiable.
Scripture Reading : Luke 10:25-37

A Counter-Cultural Church

August 21, 2022 Matthew Crowe
What happens when the counter-culture becomes the culture? What happens when the anti-establishment becomes the establishment? What happens when the Church, which is in the world, starts acting like it is of the world? Jesus sends out 72 evangelists and reminds us that we must be “A Counter-Cultural Church.
Scripture Reading : Luke 10:13-20

The Sermon On The Mount

August 14, 2022 Everett Reichardt, Gavin Walker, David Underwood

Don’t miss our final Kerusso Experience: 10 minute sermons presented by Gavin Walker, Everett Reichardt, and David Underwood — members of the Goodman Oaks Youth Group. Worship with us Sunday

Holy War

August 7, 2022 Matthew Crowe

Christians are engaged in holy war, but against whom? As Jesus marched resolutely to the cross, He taught us that our enemy is not outside us but within us.

The Radical Call of Jesus

July 31, 2022 Todd McMillen

Todd McMillen, our college intern, steps into the pulpit Sunday, July 31 with a lesson entitled “The Radical Call of Jesus.”

Walking in the Light

July 17, 2022 Matthew Crowe

God is light. We can’t be in darkness if we come to Him. This does not mean we must be perfect. But it means we must come out of darkness. We must come out of hiding.

Suffering Brings Compassion

July 10, 2022 Matthew Crowe

Jesus freed a woman from a disabling spirit. She brought her suffering to Jesus which brought forth his compassion. Bringing your suffering to Christ brings his compassion. Bringing your suffering to the church brings its compassion too. 

The Sermon On The Mount

July 24, 2022 Justin Hammett and Braden Branning
 Don’t miss The Sermon on the Mount, a series of 10 minutes lessons presented by members of the Goodman Oaks Youth Group.
Sermon Presenters:
Justin Hammett
Braden Branning
Scripture Reading :
Matthew 5: 33-37
Matthew 6: 7-15

Invite The Broken

July 3, 2022 Matthew Crowe
What an honor to be invited to the table with King Jesus! He came to us in our brokenness and gave us a seat at the table! And now we have the blessing of dining with all the broken like us and the responsibility of inviting all the broken around us. 
Scripture Reading : Luke 14:7-14

Who Are You?

June 26, 2022 Jeremy Pierce
 Jermey Pierce talks about “But Who Are You?”
Scripture Reading : Romans 1:7-12

Mean Time

June 19, 2022 Matthew Crowe
Life can feel like we’re just living “in the mean time,” that we are waiting on something to happen, and that this present moment is inferior. But this present moment, “The Mean Time,” is when life happens. And Jesus has not told us to wait. He’s told us what He wants us to do in “The Mean Time.” 
Scripture Reading : John 13:31-35

Where No One Walks Alone

June 12, 2022 Matthew Crowe
Christ has promised to be with His Church. One way Jesus is with us is when we are with each other. The Church is a place “Where No One Walks Alone.” This is both who we are at Goodman Oaks and who we want to be. Join us as we talk about our plan to be a church “Where No One Walks Alone.”
Scripture Reading:  Mark 6:30—34

Worthless Or Priceless

June 5, 2022 Chris Martin
Many people believe they are worthless because they perceive themselves through society’s lens. But in God’s eyes, we are all priceless regardless of skin color, ethnicity, weight, intelligence, etc. Chris Martin, Goodman Oaks’ Children’s Minister, is in the pulpit. 
Scripture Reading : 1 Corinthians 12:12-21

Beyond The Pines

May 29, 2022 Matthew Crowe
The Ascension is the answer to our fear, despair, and weakness. And it doesn’t mean Jesus is far from us. Heaven is closer than you think. 
Scripture Reading : Luke 24:44 – 53

God Is Still With Us

May 22, 2022 Matthew Crowe

Matthew reminds up that God is still with us.
Scripture reading John 14:39

Just Remember…

May 15, 2022 Jonathan Colvin

May 15 is Senior Sunday.  During our morning service we’ll honor the Class of 2022.  Jonathan Colvin will present a message entitled “Just Remember”.

Present To the Presence

May 9, 2022 Matthew Crowe
How is Jesus present to us? Or better, how are we present to Him? Join us as we take a fishing trip with Peter and the apostles to be “Present to the Presence.”
Scripture Reading : John 21:1—19

Balaam’s Donkey

May 1, 2022 Marty Brownfield
Marty Brownfield is in the pulpit Sunday, May 1 with a lesson from Numbers 22. Let’s learn more about Balaam’s Donkey at 10 AM.
Scripture Reading : Genesis 12:1-3

Good News Or Bad News

April 24, 2022 Matthew Crowe
Bad things happen. But maybe we are looking at our problems all wrong. Join us Sunday, April 24 at 10 AM as we consider how the Gospel can transform bad things into good.
Scripture Reading : Luke 24:13-32

Good News For Outsiders

April 17, 2022 Matthew Crowe
Worship with us Easter Sunday when Matthew presents the Good News for Outsiders. 
Scripture Reading : Luke 24:1-12

The Characters Of The Cross

April 10, 2022 Matthew Crowe
We don’t know all the people who were at the crucifixion. But we know of some. And we know them better than we think. Join us as we find ourselves among “The Characters of the Cross.” 
Scripture Reading : Luke 15:20-24

The Prodigal Father

April 3, 2022 Matthew Crowe
The Prodigal Son spent his life in reckless living. But the Prodigal Father spent himself in reckless love. Join us as we consider “The Prodigal Father.” 
Scripture Reading : Luke 15:20-24

The Prodigal Sons

March 27, 2022 Matthew Crowe
One son left his home and his father. The other son left his father without leaving home. But the father has mercy on us both. Join us as we consider our Lord’s great parable, “The Prodigal Sons.” 
Scripture Reading : Luke 15:1-3, 11-32

A Change Within

March 20, 2022 Matthew Crowe
Jesus wants to deliver us from our bond.  We don’t like to change.  But Jesus tells us to change…or perish.  So how does this happen?  Join us Sunday as we consider “A Change Within.”
Scripture Reading : Luke 13:1-9

How I Wanted To Gather You

March 13, 2022 Matthew Crowe
Jesus wants to deliver us from our bondage.  But do we really want Him to?  Join us as we hear our Lord tell us, “How I Wanted to Gather You.” 
Scripture Reading : Luke 13:31-35

Deliver Us From The Evil One

March 6, 2022 Matthew Crowe
Jesus can teach us about Satan because He faced him personally.  Join us as Jesus teaches us to pray, “Deliver Us from the Evil One.”
Scripture Reading : Luke 4:1-13

A Light In A Dark Place

February 27, 2022 Matthew Crowe
The world is dark. One day Jesus let us see that He is light in this dark place. And it was a moment Peter, James, and John never forgot. Join us as we remember the transfiguration of Jesus, “A Light in a Dark Place.” 
Scripture Reading : 2 Peter 1:16-19

Jesus Has High Standards

February 20, 2022 Matthew Crowe
The moral standards of Christianity are impossibly high. But the grace of God is greater. Join us as we contemplate how “Jesus Has High Standards.”
Scripture Reading : Matthew 5:21 – 37

Jesus Is Love

February 13, 2022 Matthew Crowe
Love is powerful because God is love.  His love comforts us as well as challenges us like the time he visited his home synagogue in Nazareth.  Join us as we consider how “Jesus is Love.”
Scripture Reading : Luke 4:21-30

The Mission of Jesus

January 23, 2022 Matthew Crowe

What are we here to do? What is the church’s mission? It’s the same mission that Jesus had. And thankfully, Jesus doesn’t leave us guessing what we should be about. Join us Sunday, Jan. 23 as we talk about “The Mission of Jesus.”

Scripture Reading : Luke 4:14-21

Jesus Brings Joy

January 16, 2022 Matthew Crowe
The first miracle Jesus ever performed was at a wedding celebration near his hometown of Nazareth. Join us Sunday, Jan. 16 as we consider how this reveals that “Jesus Brings Joy.” 
Scripture Reading : John 2:1-11

Trusting Jesus in Liminal Space

January 9, 2022 Matthew Crowe
What do you do when things don’t go as planned? How do you wait for something to happen? We should ask Mary whose 12 year old son, the Son of God, threw her a curveball.  Let’s learn with Mary about “Trusting Jesus in Liminal Space”. 
Scripture Reading : Luke 2:1-7

Remember Your Baptism

January 2, 2022 Matthew Crowe

Baptism is not just a ritual.  It’s the beginning of a new relationship with God.  Join us as we look at the baptism of Jesus so we can encourage each other to “Remember Your Baptism.”

Scripture Reading: Isaiah 43:1-7, Luke 3:15-22

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